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Introduction to our Practice

Introduction to our practice

Engineering for Better Allergy and Medical Care

Dr.Shahid Abbas

You’re here likely because you are sick. Perhaps you’re seeking quick relief and looking for a pill. Perhaps you’ve tried these and realize that they don’t make you truly better. The fact is we’re here to do one thing:help you get better and feel the best you can for decades. We are not talking about a quick fix though results may be observed faster than you have ever experienced before.

 Stated simply, we have two primary goals

 To get you well thru Specialized Care

To keep you healthy thru Immuno-Primary Care

Accomplishing this will require that we work together.

 Goal 1: To get you well through Specialized Care: We often know that we’re sick but never truly know why we’re sick while others are not. Often we’re told that there is no “why” but that merely it’s the luck of the draw and that some people suffer from certain conditions while others simply don’t. The reality is that there is a “why”. Many illnesses have causes that can be rooted in allergic reactions or sensitivities to factors in one’s environment whether they’re inhalants, foods, chemicals, or endocrine problems like low thyroid and adrenal insufficiency, or nutritional deficiencies. We have listed frequent causes on the other side as “The Missing Link”. Getting you well is a two-step process geared towards finding and treating the cause of your condition:


First, we will take a comprehensive history and physical examination to identify potential causes


Second, we will test these potential causes to see if we’re on the right track

Why is it important to find the cause? Because understanding why you’re sick gives you more choice and control over how you can address it. Although we can certainly prescribe the same medications you’ll get elsewhere, we find that many patients feel worse using medications over periods of months or years. This philosophy differentiates us and is a reason why our patients seek our care.

What will be required of you in order to facilitate the process?  You allow us to take an all-encompassing approach to your care. Because treatments prescribed by other physicians can interact with our treatment program, it is important that you tell us all the medications you are taking or treatments you are undergoing. Moreover, before youundergo any additional treatments, medications or surgical procedures, please be sure to tell us. At times we come to know after the fact. As a rule of thumb, if you have any symptom or complaint, talk to us first. It is an essential if you want us to provide comprehensive medical care.

Goal #2: To keep you healthy through Primary Immunoligical Care: Dr. Shahid  has provided Immunological Care to adults and children for over 30 years and we would be thrilled to have you as a patient of our own. As one of our Immunology Primary Care patients, we will continue to work with you to meet you and your family’s Immunological healthcare needs. Whether you need care for a fever, cough, aches and pains, or even just a physical examination we are always available to see you promptly. If it is a condition requiring our urgent care, we will do our best to see you the same day even if it requires staying open a bit later. All we request is that you please call us as early in the day as possible so that we can best accommodate you.

Following are the components of OUR IMMUNOLOGICL PRIMARY CARE


Specialized Care for ALLERGY & IMMUNOLOGY to fix what is broke plus Primary IMMUNOLOGICAL Care under one roof gives you the best chance to have decades of good health! This also eliminates need to drugging symptoms blindly. This saves money and reduces dependence on medical system.  What is better and cheaper than in-Network medical care? It is a no brainer-Treat the root cause!