Immuno Boost





Are you?

  • Old
  • Frequently feel fatigued and tired
  • Frequently have chest or urinary tract infections or in other parts of body and have to take antibiotics frequently
  • Do you have cancer or any malignant tumor and taking immuno suppressants
  • Did  have kidney or organ transplants, and are now taking Immuno suppressants like cyclosporine

If yes do you know that T and B cells in your blood are main very important to keep you in good health?

The two main types of lymphocytes are B-cells and T-cells. B-cells produce antibodies with the help of T helper cells. Antibodies help the body destroy abnormal cells and infective organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

T-cells are divided into three groups:

 Helper T-Cells (also called T4 or CD4+ cells) help other cells destroy infective organisms.
 Suppressor T-Cells (also called T8 or CD8+ cells) suppress the activity of other lymphocytes so they don’t destroy the normal tissue.
 Killer T-Cells (also called cytotoxic T lymphocytes, or CTLs or NK CELLS, recognize and destroy cancer cells and infected cells.

T & B Cells:



T cell (orange)  Attacking Cancer Cell(pink)






B Cell making antibodies against bacterial infections



T Cells attacking the cancer cell

2           5


According to studies in Environmental Health Center, Dallas, about 90% of patients having different environmental diseases or environmental sensitivities have disordered T and B cell functions. In normal human beings both T and B cells have to be in normal ratio and perform normal functions mentioned above to keep us in good health. But due to environmental pollutions like pollens, dust, insecticides, pesticides in the air and foods, lead in industrial fumes or vehicular emissions, formaldehyde in carpets etc. and old age both function, number and ratio may be disturbed. All these pollutions, and the toxins produced by these, are circulating continuously in blood and imagine the protective T & B lymphocytes which are main protective policemen in the blood are floating continuously in the sea (blood) full of environmental pollutions. Gradually these cells become sicker or their function, number and ratio may be disturbed and the person becomes sicker and sicker, the epitopes or components on these cells which are minute spots on cells for recognition of dangerous materials in blood and help the cells to react in a way to keep us in good health, are damaged by continuously remaining in such blood. If lymphocytes can be taken from such patients and cultured by special CELLL CULTURE TECHNIQUES AND ALLOWED TO GROW IN TOXIC FREE ENVIRONMENT, these cells will become healthy cells and the micro spots mentioned above again become healthier. Now, if we make the vaccine from these healthy cells then healthy micro-components or even epitopes from cells of the same patient or person will be recognized as self by the body immune system and lead to stimulation or boosting  the T cells and B cells. IMMUNOBOOST composed of over 200 proteins. These proteins will act on helper T lymphocytes, producing a delayed type of hypersensitivity and an increase in various immune co relates of hypersensitivity. It also works on modulating suppressor T lymphocytes and also regulates the normal functioning of T and B lymphocytes. It is like shock therapy that we give to the patients to bring the disorderly brain functions to normal. Along with stimulating the immune cells and immune system, we encourage the patient to:–


The immune system including T & B cells need energy continuously to be active and keep us in good shape and health and the energy comes from vitamins and minerals. Our foods are the best source but now a days these foods are full of pesticides and insecticides and, secondly due to gut allergies and old-age, vitamins and minerals are not absorbed well leading to weak immune system. With IV Nutrition and hyper alimentation, source of energy reaches directl where it is required.

-DETOXIFICATION:- We recommend that these patients should get rid of toxic environmental pollutions entering the body through air, water and foods by taking antioxidants, sweating(sauna) , through kidneys by taking about 15 to 16 glasses of water, through intestines by taking high fiber diet.


   The Autovaccines are recommended in patients who have low immune system and compromised immune system. They have frequent infections, fever, abscesses, throat infections and have to take the antibiotics frequently. These patients develop the resistance to antibiotics due to excessive and frequent intake of antibiotics. Autovaccines are prepared specially against the type of infection and injected or taken orally to develop the antibodies against the infections and strengthening the immune system.

 Old Herborn University Germany ( is doing lot of research on this aspect with wonderful results)


-CHELATION THERAPY is recommended to get rid of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, Mercury entering the body

-IMMUNOBOOST to boost the immune system




Immuno-Nutrition &Hyperalimentation(IV PUSH & IV INFUSION)

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Immune system is defense system of the body which protects us from infections, repairs our body after injuries helps the body to fight against cancer, protects us from allergies and keeps us healthy and active. The immune system needs continuous supply of vitamins and minerals to keep itself in good health from foods, water and air. But our foods, water and air have meager amount of vitamins, minerals and oxygen. These are rather full of insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic) being used excessively by our farmers and industry. When the immune system does not have proper supply of required vitamins and minerals it becomes weak and people get sicker and sicker. They always have low energy level, feeling of fatigue and tiredness, pains and aches in body, have frequent infections like coughs and colds, chest infections and urinary infections. The environmental pollutions can also cause hyper reactive immune system which can also be damaging for the body, causing allergies and auto immune diseases.

About 87% of my patients are suffering from food intolerance or allergy Patients with food intolerance or food allergies have considerable intestinal irritation at least in microscopic (cellular level), leading to changes in mucosa of intestine. Patients suffering from different allergies like urticaria, asthma, eczema cannot absorb vitamins and minerals in foods, tablets, /capsules/sachets thus leading to sick immune system.

In old age similar changes take place in intestines and they develop weak immune system although they are taking the full doses of vitamins and minerals. But these are not absorbed and pass out of the body along with undigested foods. When we give an oral supplement to such a patient, it is often incompletely or minimally absorbed.   On the other hand, if we give a nutrient to such a patient intravenously, we pretty much know it’s going where we want it.  It just makes sense that the odds are a great deal more on our side with the intravenous route.

There are no two views about the nutrients and vitamins and there is complete agreement among physicians about the clinical efficacy of the intravenous nutrients.

These treatments dramatically reduce the use of antibiotics and other types of   dangerous drug therapies. Extremely effective for conditions  which are hard to define, very common and there is no particular medicine such as fatigue, sense of being “ not healthy” stress and panic attacks , palpitations, mood and memory disorders, abdominal bloating, and symptoms of allergy and allergy like disorders. With this treatment we can successfully manage patients suffering from chronic degenerative and immune disorders who obtain little long term relief from prevailing medicines. They take the medicines for years and at the end they have developed serious side effects from these medicines without improvement. Finally intravenous protocols are extremely valuable for some disorders for which there are no known effective medicines like incapacitating chronic fatigue.

It is not understandable that the physician’s who have not used intravenous nutrients have objections about their effectiveness How can anyone ever be rally convinced of the value of any nutrient therapies which he has never used.

To understand the effectiveness of the intravenous nutrients and vitamins I will talk about the changes taking place at the molecular level and you should keep in mind the following points

In diseases molecular changes in cells of human body take place several years before the symptoms of actual disease appears.

  1. Stress of modern life leads to oxidative stress on the human biology which ultimately leads to Premature Ageing. A person of even 30 years start feeling he is continuously tired and fatigued. Oxidative stress is infact the oxidation process gong on the human cells and this is the main cause of ageing, chronic degenerative disorders and immunologic diseases. Intravenous nutrients and vitamins cause counterbalance by neutralizing, detoxifying the oxidants.
  2. We normally follow the dogma of 3Ds (one disease, one diagnosis, one drug). Our available clinical exam, lab tests help us to arrive at diagnosis of single disease which is then treated with single drug. Where as we should understand that human body is not having independent organs or parts, all are linked with each other. Disease affecting one organ is not limited to that particular organ but it has affect on other organs also and molecular changes are taking place in this particular organ plus in several other organs. We know that drugs act by inactivating, impairing or inhibiting one or more molecular pathways in the body. In acute life threatening diseases these molecular effects save life (though at a huge cost of serious side effects). In chronic degenerative and immune diseases like arthritis, SLE, asthma, allergies, cancer, ulcerative colitis medicines have serious side effects since these dangerous medicines are used for years. This is where intravenous nutrients and vitamins can offer superior clinical benefits without any risk of side effects
  3. Drugs can deplete the life saving molecules:-It is important to know that body has life saving molecules generated by the body itself to eliminate, neutralize or detoxify the dangerous things entering the body. When antibiotics and drugs are given
  4. There is molecule by molecule interactions to keep the human body healthy. The molecule of drug is inactivated by a molecule of life saving molecule of the body. These beneficial molecules are depleted by the drugs while intravenous nutrients and vitamins replenish these molecules

1IV Immuno-Nutrition therapy is sometimes the only way to put some patients on the road to recovery.  For reasons not yet completely understood, many patients who are severely nutrient deficient are unable to absorb those very nutrients they lack (magnesium is a good example).  The result is – of course – they get sicker.  Often oral supplements will make them ill, or they simply won’t tolerate them.  The very patients who have the most severe deficiencies are the ones who are often unable to take oral supplements.  And even if they can, they likely won’t absorb them because of severe food intolerance and intestinal mucosal injury.

Lastly, IV therapy often works almost instantaneously.  We still must rely upon consistent oral therapy for most all of our patients, but that always takes time to work – sometimes up to 3 months or so.  IV treatment with the same nutrients works much more quickly.



Safety IV Therapy

Any time one uses IV techniques of any kind, there are always certain caveats. Theoretically, and actually in real life, giving a patient an absolutely pure, isotonic, intravenous injection of any essential water soluble nutrient – except perhaps an incredibly massive dosage – could not possibly do any harm.  These are, after all, essential nutrients; without them we would die.  An injection of a pure essential nutrient, all other things aside, could not possibly be harmful.  The only potential problems that could arise from IV therapy generally only stem from preservatives in the solution or – very rarely – from the osmolarity.  In actuality, however, when these agents are used correctly, problems even from these factors are extremely singular.

At last estimate, about one thousand IV Injections given in our clinic and Dr.Shrader (USA) has given somewhere over 12,000 IV nutrient injections in his office.  Actual reactions to IV therapy (on a per capita basis) in my office have been far less than reactions from allergy testing or immunotherapy, and have been almost exclusively due to preservatives rather than any nutrient itself.

IV therapy with nutrients is an extremely valuable treatment, primarily because we are able to administer very large doses of nutrients compared to doses that can be absorbed with oral treatment.  Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and certain other nutrients can have an incredibly potent drug-like effect when given directly IV, but without the side effects one often sees with drugs.

IV therapy with nutrients may be given only a few times, as needed, of even weekly over a period of time.  The benefits depend on individual patients and the problem being treated.  Here is a list of problems we treat with various IV protocols I have developed over 25 years, listed in order of the most commonly used and best effect in our office.  This should not be considered to be a complete list of indications, but will give you an idea of what IV therapy with nutrients can benefit.


1.    Patients who feel generally unwell for any number of reasons .

2.    Asthma, acute and chronic

3.    Chemical Toxicity secondary to any acute or chronic exposure to chemicals, including patients with severe environmental illness, chemical sensitivity, acute or post exposure to chemicals (the glutathione protocol may help any time after)

4.    Peripheral vascular or cerebrovascular insufficiency with or without gangrene or recurrent TIA’s ? may be used in conjunction with chelation therapy

5.     Adjunctive treatment for cancer

6.     Cardiac insufficiency with or without hypertension; intractable angina

7.     Acute or chronic viral infections

8.     Multiple food allergy/intolerance, with or without proven deficiency

9.     Urticaria, acute and chronic

10.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

11.  Migraine, other headaches

12.  Macular degeneration

13.  Muscle spasm/sprain

14.  Rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative or reactive arthritis

15.  Eczema

16.  Pre-operative/pre-radiation therapy

17. Severe illness of most any variety, such as cancer, AIDS, hepatitis