Food Allergies

Condition Description

Sensitivity to certain foods (sometimes obvious and sometimes not) Exposure can produce immediate, identifiable symptoms such as swelling or difficulty breathing, but at other times may not be obvious

Common Symptoms

  • A very broad range of chronic illnesses affecting all aspects of the body (many of the diseases in this database can be caused by food allergies) including the respiratory, cardiac, neurological, adrenal, and immune systems
  • Psychological conditions are sometimes manifestations of food allergies

Underlying Causes

  • Genetics play an important role in allergies
  • The primary non-genetic cause for food allergies is constant overexposure to the same foods (some foods are more likely to cause allergies than others)
  • Other predisposing factors can be leaky gut from excessive antibiotic use, yeast overgrowth, poor digestion from low stomach acids or deficiency in digestive enzymes or vitamins and minerals

Traditional Approach

  • Acute allergic reactions are managed with epinephrine injections and antihistamines (those with severe allergies should always carry an Epipen to self administer epinephrine)
  • More severe or life threatening reactions require more intensive intervention
  • Less severe or hidden food allergies often go unidentified and thus untreated

Our Approach

  • Obvious food allergy is easy to recognize and presents no challenge in diagnosis
  • Skin testing for hidden food allergies using an intra-dermal challenge test and elimination of suspected foods. Testing also includes re-challenging with eliminated foods
  • Rotation diet
  • Desensitization where a patient has a broad range of sensitivities and elimination is difficult


Condition Treated:

Food Allergies


Chronic fatigue, 10 years, Generalized body aches, 4 years, Poor concentration, 6 years, Asthma, 3 years




66 Year Old Caucasian Female


First Seen on August 9, 1999

Story: Allergy Test Results: Allergic to dust, mite, molds, candida Food Allergy Test Results: 3+ Egg, milk, wheat, corn, sugar, yeast 2+ Soybean Milk produced digestive upset, tiredness, sleepiness, and “mentally un-alert”. Egg produced headache, leg ache, fatigue, and “mentally un-alert”. Sugar produced headache, mental confusion, difficulty breathing. Yeast produced leg aches, mental confusion, headache, and difficulty in breathing. Wheat produced sleepiness, mental slowness and headaches. Corn produced headache, fatigue, and confusion. Soybean produced mental fuzziness. EFFECT OF ELIMINATION DIET: For the first couple of days, she felt extremely weak and had headaches. On the 3rd and 4th day, she got even more weak and had more headaches, leg aches, and back aches. From the 5th day onwards, her leg aches and headaches improved significantly. After one year on Followup: she stated, “I feel a lot better and I do not have chronic fatigue. I can think again. I do not hurt all over. The worst thing was the mental fog. I could not trust myself because I could not understand what people were saying. To me, it appeared that my brain was running at the speed of 20 while others were at a speed of 100.” When asked what message she would give to the patients and public. she stated, “I was in search for a solution for my chronic fatigue for 4 years, and I could not find anything. It is a blessing to feel better again. I hope it does not return because it is scary to go back to the same situation as before.”

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