Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD or LAD)

Innovative Allergy Vaccine in Pakistan (Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization) or EPD and LAD in USA (Ultra Activated Immuno Therapy)

Dr.Shahid is pioneer in starting this treatment in Pakistan. This is highly effective treatment of different allergies where only one injection is give once every 2-3 months. It is called EPD in UK and Canada while it is called as LAD in USA. EPD is a treatment for allergies developed in the 1960s by Dr. Len McEwen in the United Kingdom. EPD uses much lower doses of antigens than conventional treatment, with the addition of an enzyme, beta glucuronidase. EPD is available in the United Kingdom and Canada for the treatment of hay feverfood allergy and intolerance and environmental allergies. EPD was under development for the treatment of autoimmune disease by a United Kingdom company called Epidyme also owned by Dr. McEwen which has been granted a United Kingdom patent.



Evidence for the Effectiveness of EPD:-

There is evidence for the efficacy of EPD in the treatment of hay fever and other conditions as a result of nine placebo-controlled, double-blind trials involving 271 patients. These trials showed a significant improvement in the symptoms with probabilities of 0.001 to 0.01 (a chance of one in a thousand to one in a hundred that the results of the trial would be seen by chance alone assuming EPD had no effect). However, one trial involving 183 patients published in the British Medical Journal showed no overall effect.Dr. Len McEwen, inventor of EPD, speculated that the reason for the failure might have been that the beta glucuronidase enzyme preparation was inadvertently heated or frozen during storage in the hospital pharmacy, as it is sensitive to the storage temperature and enzyme from the same manufactured batch had been used to treat a number of patients successfully. However, there is no evidence available after the event to test this theory as the remaining trial materials were destroyed immediately after the trial ended.


Safety of EPD

While the efficacy of EPD is sometimes the subject of controversy among the medical community, the safety of EPD is demonstrated in one study under the control of an Investigational Review Board and reported by the American EPD Society. 5,400 patients received at least 3 doses of EPD with no severe reactions reported. No serious complications have been reported in more than 300,000 doses of EPD given since 1966.

LDA PhysiciansHere are the physicians (alphabetically by state) who administer LDA in this country and in Canada.  I know most of these physicians personally.  Many have used EPD and were part of the EPD Study group, and Dr. McEwen and I trained them.  All are eminently qualified, and I would recommend each of them.  If you do not see a state listed, there are no physicians using LDA in that state. Please do not call our office to ask about these physicians.  If you have any questions about LDA, please contact the physician nearest to you.

Outside the USA


Fox, Dr. Jonathan, Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada (902) 860-3032

Greenberg, Dr. Ronald, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, (604) 733-1055

Jaconello, Dr. Paul, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (416) 463-2911 (www.jaconello.com)

Jones, Dr. Stephen (ND), Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, (250) 377-3077

Stein, Dr. Ellie, Calgary, Canada(403) 287-9941

Zazula, Dr. Marian, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, (905) 276-7754


Downing, Dr. Damien, York, England011-44-(190) 469-1591

Hembry, Dr. Nicola, Clifton, Bristol, England, 011-44-(117) 317-1460


Abbas, Dr. Shahid,  +971 55 1941190, (www.allergyclinic.ae)


Abbas, DR.Shahid  +92 51 2275210 (www.allergycenter.info)


Roman, Dr. Mike, Birmingham, AL, (501) 225-4336


Vincent, Dr. Ty, Wasilla, AK, (907) 357-2322


Maxwell, Dr. Curt, Yuma, AZ (928) 257-4873


Aiello, Dr. Andrew, Malibu, CA, (310) 457-3777

Bernhoft, Dr. Robin A., Ojai, CA, (805) 640-0180 and Brentwood, CA, (310) 400-5664 (www.drbernhoft.com)

Gordon, Dr. Eric,Santa Rosa, CA, (707) 575-5180 (www.gordonmedical.com)

Grieder, Dr. Miska, San Francisco, CA, (415) 566-1000 (www.sfpmg.com)

Holtorf, Dr. Kent, Torrence, CA, (310) 375-2705

Lynn, Dr. Paul, San Francisco, CA, (415) 566-1000 (www.sfpmg.com)

Madill, Dr. Peter, Sebastipol, CA, (707) 823-3312

Moss, Dr. Charles, La Jolla, CA, (858) 457-1314

Yarema, Dr. Thomas, Soquel, CA (831) 462-3706


Gerdes, Dr. Ken, Colorado Springs, CO, (719) 597-6075/Jutersanke, Dr. George (same office)

Hemingway, Dr. Michelle, Durango, CO, (970) 247-3717

Krakovitz, Dr. Rob, Snowmass, CO, (970) 927-4394

Naylor, Dr. Shawn, Denver, CO, (303) 698-0333

Wezensky, Dr. Joe, Grand Junction, CO, (970) 263-4660


Pinkston, Dr. Tracey, Pensacola, FL (850) 473-1008


Bergeron, Dr. Rhett, Roswell, GA, (678) 990-5401


Takomoto-Gentile, Dr. Curtis, Honolulu, HI (808) 955-1544 (Island of Oahu) (www.doctorctg.com)


Usman, Dr. Anju, Naperville, IL, (630) 995-4242


Halstead, Dr. Richard, Mooresville, IN, (317) 831-0853


Layton, Dr. Richard, and Short, Dr. Leticia, Towson, MD, (410) 337-2707 (www.allergyconnection.com)

Short, Dr. Leticia, Halethorpe, MD (419) 636-2222

Parks, Dr. Ronald, Pikesville, MD (828) 225-1812


LaCava, Dr. Thomas, West Boylston, MA (508) 854-1380


Natzke, Dr. Gerald, Flint, MI, (810) 233-5211

Neuenschwander, Dr. James, Ann Arbor, MI (734) 995-3200

Sickels, Dr. Malcom, Ann Arbor, MI (734) 332-9936

Wycoff, Dr. John, Lansing, MI (517) 333-7270 (www.wycoffwellness.com.)


Willoughby, Dr. Jim, Kansas City, MO, (816) 781-0902


Carter, Dr. Katie, ND, Polson, MT (406) 883-4325

Leonard, Dr. Amy, ND, Missoula, MT (406) 721-2147

North Carolina

Taylor, Dr. Robert, Durham, NC, (919) 620-7800 (www.triangleent.com)

Parks, Dr. Ronald, Ashville, NC, (828) 225-1812 (www.macrohealthmedicine.com)

New Hampshire

Sullivan, Dr. Mitchel, Berlin, NH (603) 752-2040

New Jersey

Neubrander, Dr. Jim, Iselin, NJ, (732) 726-1222 (www.drneubrander.com)

Saporta, Dr. Diego, Elizabeth, NJ (908) 352-6700

New Mexico

Shrader, Dr. W.A., Santa Fe, NM, (505) 983-8890 (www.drshrader.com)

New York

Compain, Dr. Michael, Rhinebeck, NY, (845) 876-7082

Ordene, Dr. Marjorie, Brooklyn, NY, (718) 258-7882


Boyles, Dr. Tim, Dayton, OH, (937) 434-0555 (www.daytonent.com)

Chappell, Dr. Terry, Bluffton, OH, (419) 358-4627

Cole, Dr. Ted, Cincinnati, OH, (513) 563-4321 (www.colecenter.com)

Singer, Dr. Barbara, Carroll, OH (740) 756-4800

Whitfield, Dr. Damon, Dublin, OH, (614) 792-5776

Qadir, Dr. Riffat, Uniontown, OH (330) 899-0050


Lamkin, Dr. Brian, Edmond, OK (405) 285-4762


Eckel, Dr. Gregory, ND, Portland, OR (503) 287-4970

Green, Dr. John, Oregon City, OR, (503) 722-4270

Hardt, Dr. Dan (ND), Eugene, OR (541)-683-4404

Hatlestad, Dr. Chris, Portland, OR, (503) 261-0966

Honeyman, Dr. Usha, Corvalis, OR, (541) 754-6323


Cinelli, Dr. Francis, Bangor, PA, (610) 588-4502

Courtney, Dr. Dennis, McMurray, PA, (724) 942-3002 (www.djcmd.com)

Gallagher, Dr. Martin, Jeanette, PA, (724) 523-5505

Garabedian, Dr. Joseph, King of Prussia, PA, (610) 265-0502

Kerry, Dr. Roy, Greenville, PA, (724) 588-2600

Sullivan, Dr. John, Mechanicsburg, PA, (717) 697-5050

Rhode Island

Straus, Dr. John, Providence, RI, (401) 455-1772


Bernui, Dr. Michael, Hendersonville, TN, (615) 338-1023


Block, Dr. Mary Ann, Hurst, TX, (817) 280-9933

Chung, Dr. Charles, Bedford, TX, (817) 267-1521

Hamel, Dr. Charles, Arlington, TX, (817) 468-7755

Kotsanis, Dr. C.A., Colleyville, TX, (817) 481-6342 (www.kotsanisinstitute.com)

Mackie, Dr. Eugene, Pharr, TX, (956) 782-9559

Sheridan, Dr. David, Katy, TX, (281) 579-3600

Shmeltzer, Barry (PA), San Antonio, TX, (830) 446-2314

Sprague, Dr. Donald, Kemah, TX, (281) 538-4092

Thoreson, Dr. Robert, Austin, TX, (512) 346-3637


Farley-Jones, Dr. Dianne, Lehi, UT, (801) 407-3000

Moore, Dr. Judith, Midway, UT (435) 657-1777

Remington, Dr. Dennis, and Voss, Dr. David, Provo, UT, (801) 373-8500

Rowley, Dr. Marcy, Riverton, UT, (801) 254-4600


Castro, Dr. Eduardo, Troutdale, VA, (267) 677-3631


Buscher, Dr. David, Bellevue, WA, (425) 284-1586 (www.drbuscher.com)

Janel, Dr. Kath, ND, Mulkiteo, WA, (425) 423-0878

Newman, Dr. Daniel (MD, ND, MSOM), Vancouver, WA (360) 696-3800 (www.rising-health.com)

Ranheim, Dr. Philip, Everett, WA, (425) 334-1773 (www.drranheim.com)

Smith, Dr. Stephen, Pasco, WA, (509) 943-2101 (www.nwhealthcare.net)

Whitney, Dr. Michael, Spokane, WA (816) 781-0902

Wilkinson, Dr. Richard, Yakima, WA, (509) 458-5506


Bouc, Dr. Jeffrey, Beloit, WI, (608) 365-7200