Children Allergy and Behavior Problems

Children allergies behavior

Dark blue black or red eye circles These children often act as if spaced out and if you try to snub him he does not seem to acknowledge it or heard it. Some appear always sleepy or tire others kare fidgety and cannot stand still.
They can’t concentrate on their books or they cannot follow the to advice or directions given to him. This type of in attentive behavior is seen after he eats artificially colored beverages or cereals, candies, pop corns, corn products,chocolates, peanut butter, tomato products like pizza, milk or dairy products, bakery products, which contain additives or preservatives and apple, grape or orange juice. These food can cause hyperactivity, depression, fatigue, headache, abdominal discomfort, asthma or hay fever. Teaching to such children is disappointment in such children specially when children have such symptoms. Parents are disturbed perplexed and depressed by their child,s erratic and intermittent inability to learn and behave. Children having allergies to foods, aero allergens and chemicals can be:-

  • Stuffiness or sniffling
  • Clucking throat sounds orthroatclearing
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Itchy watery eyes
  • Swollen eye lids
  • Puffy bags below eyes
  • Swollen cracked lips
  • Itchy skin rashes, especially in the arm or leg creases
  • Frequent hearing loss after frequent hear infections